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Ding Ding TV#169 Innovation Dialog -- Find your right match, Turn quantity to quality


Chinese American Internet TV in Silicon Valley丁電視 - 美國華語網路電視

DingDingTV Weekly Enews #169 丁丁電視電子週報169期 06/25/2012

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DingDingTV Innovation Dialog -- Find your right match, Turn quantity to quality
So many Delegations come from China to Silicon Valley. How to find real partners, turn quantity to quality.


Moderator: Diana Ding, Founder & CEO of Ding Ding TV, Host & Producer Innovation Dialog Panelist:
Randy Williams, Founder CEO, Keiretsu Forum
Jack Jia, Founder of Baynote
Xianghong Guan, President Founder International
Rebecca Fannin, Author of Silicon Dragon/Report and Editor of Forbs, Worth, Fast Company, AdAge, Chief Executive, The Deal, The Huffington Post, and Harvard Business Review


With over 35 companies from Z-park, more than 200 participants from United States, TechConnect World Z-Park China Corporate Partnership Program was a big success. Held last Thursdays, June 21st at Santa Clara Convention Center, the whole program started after TechConnect World Founder Matthew Laudon and Director of Zhongguancun Science Park Jianhua Yang's opening speech. In the panel discussion, moderated by Diana Ding, Founder & CEO of DingDingTV, Keiretsu Forum Founder & CEO Randy Williams, Baynote Founder Jack Jia, Founder International President Xianghong Guan, and Silicon Dragon Author Rebecca Fannin were invited onto stage as panelists. The program provided great opportunities for attendees to meet and interact with different companies, VC, and researchers, expanding their business to China and Asia, to connect with Chinese leading enterprises from fields of Cleantech, Microtech, Biotech and Semiconductor.


TechConnect World Z-Park China Corporate Partnership Program Pictures


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TechConnect World Z-Park China Corporate Partnership Program

丁丁直播--硅谷中關村項目合作, 資源對接交流會

  1. 中關村科技園區管委會楊建華致辭
  2. TechConnect首席執行官Matthew Laudon致辭
  3. 聖荷西市市議員朱感生代表硅谷致辭
  4. 中關村科技園區管委會國際合作處副處長盧江介紹中關村科技園區概況
  5. 管祥紅-方正國際軟件有限公司總裁做項目介紹
  6. 吳強-北京碧水源科技股份有限公司研發副總經理做項目介紹
  1. Mr. Jianhua Yang speech, Depututy Director General of Administrative Committee of Z-Park
  2. Mr. Matthew Laudon, Founder of TechConnect World, Representing Techconnect World
  3. Mr. Kansen Chu Speech, Council Member of San Jose
  4. Mr. Jiang Lu, Deputy Director, Introduction Z-Park
  5. Mr. Xianghong Guan Speech, President of Founder International Co., Ltd.
  6. Mr. Qiang Wu Speech, Deputy Director, R&D of Beijing Origin Water Technology Company
  7. TechConnect World Z-Park China Corporate Partnership Program Pictures

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40家企業的總裁和總經理來到硅谷, 和TechconnectWorld共同舉辦,硅谷首創華語網路電視丁丁電視承辦以及Keiretsu forum, 美中綠色能源協會, 華美半導體協會, CCICE, AAMA , E3 Regensis 協辦"美國世界技術大會及海外對接活動",借助大會平台助推園區企業接洽、對接海外先進技術,本次與會嘉賓超過200多位,分別來自生物科技,清潔能源,奈米技術,半導體 等行業的美國公司總裁,高級主管,投資人及研究人員


活動在中關村楊建華副主任和Thchconnect World執行長Matthew Laudon致詞後,拉開了序幕,Matthew 特別提到Techconnect World非常榮幸能和中關村合作,這對於Techconnect World有指標性意義,也期望有更多的中國企業和科技園能參加Techconnect World,其中San Jose市議員朱感生和Santa clara市副市長 Kevin Moore也代表硅谷感謝中關村為硅谷經濟和創新注入了新的活力.


現場共有超過200多位來自生物科技,清潔能源,奈米技術,半導體 等行業的美國公司總裁,高級主管,投資人及研究人員參與,這次中關村首次進行的海外企業對接活動取得了巨大的成功,帶來了硅谷對中關村企業極大的關注,和熱烈的回應.也讓許多可能還對中關村不甚熟悉的美國企業,能更深入直接的進行瞭解,並為未來硅谷企業和中關村企業的合作開啟了機會的大門. Read More


About Z Park

Zhongguancun Science Park (Z-Park), established in 1988, is the first hi-tech park in China. In the area of 232.5km, Z-Park is home to nearly 20,000 hi-tech corporations such as Lenovo and Baidu. It has formed hi-tech industry clusters featuring electronic information, biomedicine, new energy, environmental protection, new materials, advanced manufacturing, and aerospace. In 2011, the gross revenue of Z-park registered RMB 1.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 1/7 of total gross revenue of Chinese hi-tech parks.

In this region, 40 universities and 206 science research institutes, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, provide two major forces: a large pool of skilled technicians, engineers and scientists and technology achievements to the development of Z-park. In Z-park, 213 corporations went public with market value of RMB 1.6 trillion yuan. Among the 213 public companies, 29 were listed on NASDQ and 19 were listed on NYSE.


About Ding Ding TV

Ding Ding TV is the first Chinese American Internet TV in Silicon valley, a high tech Miedia, content provider, producer and distributer.
Ding Ding TV has being positioned as a hub, bridge and platform for US-China business relations. Our branding show Innovation Dialog and tech news are delivered through multiple channels: local TV stations, radio station, News paper, maganize, Ding Ding TV website, other portals such as Sina.com, Silicon Valley and China partners, e-mail newsletter, as well as through the social networks, Facebook, Youtube Twitter, Weibo and more. We cover wide range of topics, including technology and innovation, art and culture. Since founding in 2009, we have produced over 2000 episodes, cumulating 10 million views. We have published more than 150 e-news delivered our programs and tech news to thousands emails accounts in San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, 50% of Ding Ding TV viewers come from San Francisco Bay Area, 35% come from China, the rest came from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Spain. Internet has become the largest source of information for people. Ding Ding TV's global viewership is steadily increasing. www.DingDing.TV


About TechConnect World

The world's top Vetted Innovations matched with the world's top Corporate & Investment Partners Connecting the Business Technology Community Nanotech Microtech Biotech Cleantech

The TechConnect World is the world's largest multi-disciplinary multi-sector conference and marketplace of vetted innovations, innovators and technology business developers and funders. The TechConnect World houses four world-class technical events focused on advancements in Nanotech, Microtech, Biotech, Cleantech and the technology overlap between these converging domains. As technologies commercially mature from the purely research stage, they are advanced into the TechConnect Summit and partnering programs in which IP and Early-stage companies are reviewed and selected by our board of corporate and investment partners.

Through our events and strategic partners, TechConnect increases the innovation pipeline, helps partners find new licensing and business opportunities, and matches corporate and investment partners to top vetted technologies from around the world.

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Date: Sunday, July 15, 2012
Time: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Location: Monterey, CA
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