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On the Scene December 9 Holidaze


Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta welcome all following their San Francisco wedding

Abraham and France Chang celebrate at their wedding reception flanked by parents William and Tina Chang, Roberto and Evelyn Uy, and Congressman Mike Honda

2015 Foon Hay Golf Club officers gather at the club's annual Awards dinner

On the Scene December 9 Holidaze
By Gerrye Wong

Happy Holiday Daze
Coming up right away --- I’ve always been a fan of the lively and vivacious Rita Moreno and now San Franciscans have a chance to see her in action as she narrates PETER AND THE WOLF backed by the San Francisco  Symphony Youth Orchestra on December 14 Sunday for 1pm and 4pm performances.    Not only will she thrill the children in the audience with the delightful story of a boy’s journey through the forest and the characters he meets, she will complete the concert with a sing-along of holiday songs to engage children and adults of all ages. Rita Moreno, as you recall, is the only Hispanic and one of the few performers to have won all major annual American entertainment awards, including an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony, no less.    I love hearing the solos of the bird played by the flute, the cat played by the clarinet and the big bad wolf noise coming from the horn section.  Don’t miss it.

When I was in New York City last month visiting college friend Marie Lee, I had the chance to see 50 Shades! The Musical Parody – and lo and behold, it is coming to San Francisco to kick off the new year with a bang – a very sexy bang, I might add.    It will only be here for five performances at the Marines memorial Theatre January 2-4 so important to order your tickets now.     We know that the book Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and a feature film is being released Valentines Day 2015, but this parody is a lot more fun to see in person.  This is a sexy and hilarious send-up to the book, and had the NYC audience in raucous laughter and dancing in the aisles enthusiastically.   The musical is about a trio of girlfriends who choose to read this infamous book for their book club selection  and how as they devour the novel, the characters’ affair comes to life before their eyes – in a very comical fashion.  It’s a laugh-out-loud musical, obviously not for your under 18 year old, but funny for the tickle bone within our souls.   I’ll see you there and we can laugh together at this delightful parody. The Marines Memorial Theatre, 605 Sutter St., San Francisco Jan 2-4.   Premum seating with meet and greet available.  Visit www.SHNSF.comor call 866-746-1799  for a great chance to have a girls night out with your best girlfriends which is a lot more fun than your book club meeting for sure!

The marriage of Alexandra Wong and Justin  Hakuta was celebrated by all of their friends and family in San Francisco at the Ton Kiang Restaurant.  Ali, as she is well known for her stand-up comedy career, was glowing as her brother Andrew Wong told stories of her growing-up days, picturing her as the adventurous independent sister she has always been.  Mother Tammie Wong welcomed old friends Howard and Rosemarie Cheung, Alan and Helen Fong, Steven and Chie Lee,  Uncle Joe and Marilyn Wong,  Sandra Gin, Margaret Tan and many others from this large San Francisco family.  Ali had to rush off after the reception as she was performing at the Comedy Club that very evening after waving everyone at her reception good bye.  The happy couple will make their home in Southern California
The November wedding of Abe and France Chang culminated a courtship which began in Paris in 2010 when both were studying at Le Cordon Bleu International School of Cuisine and Pastry. Upon graduation, she returned to her home in the Philippines and he to run his father’s Merlion Restaurant in Cupertino.  Obviously love conquered all, and was evident in the two day wedding celebration for the happy young couple.  Hosting two wedding banquets to handle all of the many Chang friends were Abe’s parents, William and Tina Chang at their Mayflower Restaurant at Milpitas’ Great Mall.  Congratulating the young couple were France’s parents, Roberto and Evelyn Uy who had flown in from their government positions as Governor and Mayor of their hometown in the Philippines.  Attending the wedding couple were Maid of Honor Abigail Tan, with Esther Chang, Jessica Lim, Janilya Uy, Casey Uy and Hannalyn Uy.  Standing up for their good friend Abe wasGeoffrey Lim, Justin Madera, William Wong, David Cheng, Keith Uy and Fred Uy. In the new year, another wedding celebration will be held in France’s hometown in the Philippine Islands so it is a very happy joining of two loving families of Abraham and France Chang.  Congratulations!

DingDingTVcelebrated its Fifth Anniversary in grand style with over 100 guests packing the studio’s 4000 square foot screen room.  As founder Diana Ding welcomed the audience, she reminisced that they began with a home video to six professional cameras and from her home garage to the facility DingDing now televises from in Santa Clara, CA.   Although Diana was proud to report her Ding Ding TV channel with her media partners in only five years has reached a 2000 million audience in the United States and China, she feels the most important asset that has spurred this success is the people and partners she has worked with, many of whom  were in the audience celebration.
Ding Ding TV (DDTV)has organized, co-hosted and sponsored more than 500 events in the Bay Area and has welcomed over 5000 people to the station. It is the first Chinese American Internet TV, Silicon Valley Innovation Channel, internet video content producer and distributor that is devoted to bringing out and enhancing the understanding by viewers of interdependent global realities. It is well positioned as a hub, bridge and platform for US-China business relations and its show Innovation Dialog, Battle Silicon and tech news are delivered through multiple channels here and abroad to China.   There are much too many events and products DDTV has produced in its short tenure but I promise you will hear more of its activities as I have just joined onto its team to bring English language news to the station to reach a wider audience.  Congratulations to Diana Ding, and her DDTV team of Sandy Wang, Li Xu, Meiya Zhang, Nicole Pan, Zhuo Qin, MingRui, Wesley Zhan, Jennifer and Mingming.  

At its annual end-of-year holiday dinner, the 2014 Foon Hay Golf Clu bChampions were appropriately crowned and presented the traditional perpetual trophy for their golfing prowess.  In the men’s category, Robert Cheung and Daniel Lo took the honors, whereas Pauline Lee and Vivian Kong were the women winners.   Clarence Bakken retains his Presidency of the group, but thanked his retiring board members Victor Jin, Tom Hubbs, Darrell Jones, Greg Wong, Damon Kong, Sheila Lee and Jane Chan.
Following some amusing golf footage from YouTube of golf misery and mishaps, the new 2015 Board who will lead this once-a-month senior golf group were introduced.  They were Clarence Bakken, Tom Hubbs, Greg Wong, Karen Chew, Sheila Lee, Klara Cheung, Greg Wong, and Robert Cheung.  Congrats new leaders and champions and keep hitting the ball and having a ball!
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