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Marketing: a Critical Factor in Your Business Success

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3350 Scott Blvd., Building 54
Santa Clara, CA 95054

How do eBay, SalesForce and Amazon do it? Learn how to grow your
business from experts who provide marketing direction to eBay,
SalesForce, Amazon and IBM.

Whether you work for a one-person startup, a billion dollar behemoth, or
anything in between, the quality of your company's marketing initiatives will
spell the difference between success and failure. Thanks to diverse factors
such as cloud computing, commoditized hardware, open source software,
and globalized outsourced manufacturing, barriers to entry have never been
lower. This means that you face more rivals in every marketplace in which
you compete both locally and internationally.

To rise above all this turbulence, it's more important than ever to
understand your opponents, stake out a unique position, and get your
message across. Join us to hear from experts in the field to learn a series
of simple but highly effective steps you can take to improve your marketing
capabilities and acquire more customers.


Vivian Li, Senior Manager, Investments & Corporate Development, HTC


Robert Schneider, Partner, Think88
Todd Irwin, Managing Director, Zeno Group
Adam Helweh, CEO, Secret Sushi Creative Inc.
Janet Poses, Principal, Janet Poses Consulting


Robert D. Schneider is a Partner at Think88 Ventures LLC. Think88
provides technical marketing expertise to enterprises ranging from startups
to multi-billion dollar organizations.

He has provided distributed computing, database optimization, and other
technical guidance to a wide variety of enterprises in the financial,
technology, and government sectors. Clients have included Chase
Manhattan Bank, VISA, HP, S.W.I.F.T., and the governments of the United
States, Brazil, and Malaysia. Robert has written 6 books and numerous
articles on database technology such as SQL Server and MySQL, and other
complex topics such as information integration, SOA, and Cloud Computing.

He is a frequent organizer and presenter at technology industry events,

Todd Irwin is managing director of Zeno Group's technology practice and
manages Zeno's Silicon Valley office, which he helped reestablish in 2011.

Todd has worked in public relations for more than 20 years. His most
rewarding engagements are when he is working directly with the CEOs and
entrepreneurs that are bringing new products and services to market. He
has worked with dozens of startups including Dash Navigation, Dynamics,
Epigram, InVision Technologies, Kurion, Mozilla, Sezmi, Wayin, among
others, and has advised entrepreneurs who have sold their companies to
larger organizations like 3Com, Broadcom, and Qualcomm.
Todd also works with the ecosystem of companies that entrepreneurs often
turn to for financial backing, having worked with venture capitalists like Oak
Investment Partners and private equity firms including Francisco Partners,
Golden Gate Capital, and Silver Lake Partners.

Under Todd's leadership, PR teams he has led have twice been named the
"Top Tech Communicator" based on an annual survey of more than 500
leading technology journalists and bloggers, and he has been a leader at
firms that have received PR Week "agency of the year" accolades three

He currently serves on the board of directors of the Churchill Club, a non-
profit, thought leadership forum in Silicon Valley.

Adam Helweh is founder and CEO of Secret Sushi Creative, an interactive
design and digital marketing agency. As an interactive designer, digital
marketer, and social media consultant, Adam's clients have included
Edelman, Broadcom, Stanford Federal Credit Union, the Thomas Keller
Restaurant Group as well as a many small and medium sized businesses.

Janet Poses has over 15 years of experience in technology. Her company
focuses on helping Enterprise Software Companies further their
businesses through positioning, online marketing and competitive
analysis. Prior to starting her own company, Ms. Poses held critical roles at
large software and semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley. Ms. Poses
developed and implemented the Global Web Strategy for VeriSign, ran
International Market Development for the Buzzsaw (SaaS) solution at
Autodesk, and created an E-Commerce business for ZapMe!, an Intel
Development Partner.

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